Christian Strip Club.

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"Wet 'N' Wild Cosmetics & Undesirable Bloomers?"

Lord take me now....I have seen everything there is to see now. Officially. In Virgina you are not allowed to dance with out a bathing suit on or your Sunday best. You got to be kidding. You also cannot walk around the club with out being covered...These bitches carrying rugs and blankets and sheets around?

Could not complete this sentence with the help of a good friend of mine

Dancing has officially became utterly ridiculous on so many levels. I wish there was a soul to turn to offer a good word in the NAME!

The recession is oh so real. I could die everytime i hear that. It must be for bitches to wear panties and old bras as costumes... After you been dancing for 4 years. A crossover is due. It's no excuse to not be manicured. Oh wow. Is all I am left with. Then this hunchback with sideways ass bootyshots done with canola oil. Hops her quickweave wearing ass on the stage with me. Without asking is a capitol unspoken NO.

so...two men fucking each other without laughing. Is hilarious to me.
[side note : watching gay porn ]

i am so pissed off. Too many noises out side. Scared. to close my eyes.

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