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Christian Strip Club.

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"Wet 'N' Wild Cosmetics & Undesirable Bloomers?"

Lord take me now....I have seen everything there is to see now. Officially. In Virgina you are not allowed to dance with out a bathing suit on or your Sunday best. You got to be kidding. You also cannot walk around the club with out being covered...These bitches carrying rugs and blankets and sheets around?

Could not complete this sentence with the help of a good friend of mine

Dancing has officially became utterly ridiculous on so many levels. I wish there was a soul to turn to offer a good word in the NAME!

The recession is oh so real. I could die everytime i hear that. It must be for bitches to wear panties and old bras as costumes... After you been dancing for 4 years. A crossover is due. It's no excuse to not be manicured. Oh wow. Is all I am left with. Then this hunchback with sideways ass bootyshots done with canola oil. Hops her quickweave wearing ass on the stage with me. Without asking is a capitol unspoken NO.

so...two men fucking each other without laughing. Is hilarious to me.
[side note : watching gay porn ]

i am so pissed off. Too many noises out side. Scared. to close my eyes.

Cumming On 200 Thread Count Sheets.

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Saving the world....One fry at a time...

Oh the agony of this boredom. I sat today and last night and masturbated to Lacey Duvalle's teeth. How did she get so curvy? I remember her looking like an ironing board. hmmm. Interesting. To say the least. Then I masturbated to Jada Fire. She had her thongs on inside out which made me go soft. I masturbated to . That is always a good time. But...cumming on cheap ass sheets soaks the whole bed up. I mean really. I felt like I could tear the shit apart like a piece of notebook paper. I need to step my game up. Start cumming on satin so that shit can roll off the sheets.

Me is Keke Maneater are going to try to get me some employment at this place....

On a serious note tho. The club really does look something similar to this. Not that many attractive 'peeps' none the less. I don't mind cause I would a smaller fat person of the club. SO sweet! I been hanging tough trying to stay away from penis but I slowly see myself inserting some disk in my ram drive. hahah. That was corny. See what this Hood Hop ass city is doing to me.

Lady Gaga. There is a big pink dildo waiting at the end of this tunnel for you baby. Don't fight it.
Just lay back and let me insert. XOXO. If I sprinkle glitter on that discostick.

Uh...Kinda Sideways.

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They love trivial stories about the girl with the Big Mac.

I am a little pissed about straying outside my box to finally get up the courage to eat carbs and order my fat ass a pizza. And they fucked up the mood with putting fucking spaghettio sauce on that joint. My first reaction was to go back and bust the windows out the pizza joint. Or smack the negro who recommended anything outside of Papa Johns should be considered on the hitlist. Virgina could possibly be the most boring fucking place I have ever been in my whole life. The speed limit is 35 for the whole city. Even on the freeway, I guess it gives you alot of time to think....? My lady is flying to Los Angeles I hope she has fun, so she can come back and suck the corn residue off my big toes. I have waited LONG enough. I really have nothing of interest to talk about. Just making my first post. Ciaos.

Oh yeah. I have 3 mosquito bites.