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Exceeding The Limtations.

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I have come in contact with so many young talented women. Everyone is on the quest to find themselves on this journey we call "Life". I mean I have been blessed to even have contact with some of the MOST amazing people. I think that really. It gives you a different perspective on things when you can get a glimpse of something, and someone else. Not the form of imitation but I would say the opportunity to explore what others are facing in this challenging time(s) Of womanhood. I guess we are supposed to be mourning over the loss of the 'blackmenthatdontwantus'.

What is the standing factor in your life that makes you DECIDE that to overcome is what ULTIMATELY be the biggest and entire goal. Some days I want to paint some days I want to draw. Some days I want to lay by my windowseal and write poetry. In a perfect world we would be able to do the things we love. But its became so much of survival the of the fittest. You can't enjoy the things you love. The things that make you happy. Cause you gotta work. My life becoming filled up with 'work'. Everyone suggests I should do this. Or that. Or this or that. I am good at doing a LOT of stuff. But that doesn't mean I am mentally or physically able to do everything. I just know honestly. Being an 'employee' Is not really my tea. I cannot picture myself. As that being my final destiny. Like damn..That's it? Work for the state. Your bills. And how do your reward yourself. With saying 'I got my own'? Who gives a shit? I want to reward myself with really saying. I OWN MY OWN.

The best reward is shit that is PAID FOR.

I want to shed some knowledge on some flawless women. Who I am so glad I had the chance, blessing, honor, of running into to. I am linking them at giving the information cause these are most definitely people you should know. My year has been a blessing because of each one of them.

No particular order. So Please don't DO ME. As my loved one would say:

If you look up flawless and witty you will find her picture. This girl at such a young age. Holds wisdom beyond her years. Sometimes I ask her for advice. She is just her. And that is something YOU have to just love.

Girl. GIRL you really are just a all around nice girl. There is not a single flaw. You always have such a posititve attitude. And You are really beating to your own drum. Really Special person to me. When I felt like quitting you said " GIRL NO!"
lots of love for you.

Now we been through so much. We been tight from beginning to end. Im glad your getting married. Im glad for my two beautiful best friends that are your daughters. Thank GOD for you dropping knowledge.

My ace. I never thought in a million years. I would fall in love again. I mean. This is the mirror image. She speaks her mind. But understands the beauty of individuality. Some times i want to choke the shit outta her. But i love her.

This woman has captivated me. Her blog is everything. She is just raw. Not nasty raw. But the beautiful raw that is something makes you say.. I understand. This is what I been trying to say. You look at her and say. This is what every one should inspire towards..

I have a funny story about how we met. She is dope. And so am I. This girl is going to be something special. She is everything but cliche. If i was asked to describe her in one word. Circle. Evolutionary and never-ending.

There has been long nights where i bet Nancy said. I wish this bitch would JUST go to sleep. But she will stay. And make me smile. I got that ole school love for you...

To be honest. This GIRL upon first sight. Is a straight Halle Berry. But the fact that she is hilarious, sweet, and just honestly a good all around girl. Makes me so happy I met her.

Girl. My sister my heart. My nearest and dearest. I love her. This is the EPITOME of real. I know she would do anything for me and vice versa. I wouldn't trade you for anything. She is goal-orientated and NEVER gives up no matter what obstacles in her way. When I think the world has given up on me. She is nudging me in the shoulder telling me to keep pushing.

Me and this girl have been thru highs and lows. No matter what we have had each others back. This is someone I wouldn't trade for the world.

Im not done. Just give me a second. Im too drunk for this. Amen.