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Setting Boundries & Verifying Lanes

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Lets start off with honesty. Because it is a tool that provides me to be able to stick to the man. And be able to just do the nothing that i do. I sell rabbits and talk shit and get paid.
SO with that being said...There is this misconception that everyone is great at...
something. I just hope everyone sends this to its proper folks of error cause we can do better if we what...

  • Rapper: I want to call you up personally and say what your mama, baby moms, and entire group of homeboys been wanting to tell you. NIGGA you suck. Your lyrical content is about as basic as lilduval entire existence. 
  •  Managers: Okay. This is sensitive but if the shoe fits. Walk TEN toes down. If you been around this same negro for about...3 to 5 months now. And you ain't made you enough young monnay to buy you a volkswagen beetle. But you done been in 4535 videos, and polished all his homies. Your just a pussy prop. UnSNOOKI yourself and get it together. Damn bumpit. 
  • Some Company with NO LLC/PHONEBOOK listing and you have 23,3455 Followers. The end. 
  • Models...I could but couldn't and shouldn't. Models who make money have these things..Resume,CompCards,Portfolio (and pictures with clothes on professionally aimed towards them not the baffroom mirror)WEBSITE<<--- MYSPACE is not a fucking portfolio. That is a place for you to get pregnant and get gonorrhea stay off that shit.
  • Atlanta Georgia You ain't special. You ain't near hollywood. I know i live inside of you. But you have attracted some weak bitch ass people here. And I will never forgive you for this shit. You owe me some money.  AND these men. Should date each other. I ain't interested. 
  • Calls After 7pm You violating. You moving out of my comfort zone nigga its night time you trynna insult me? You only wanna call me after dark cause you think imma 'big booty freak' your wrong. I have sex like a mexican.
  • Weaves(s) Come on. You heffas getting too attached to some shit that ain't yours..."I bought it" And? "Its not just weave its remy indian premium shipped." -deep yawn- Stop letting rope hang and choke you heffas.
  • GROUPIES women embrace your groupie the same heffas who scream this "I ain't no groupie" is the same bitch that sat outside of Lil wayne bathroom stall in 05. Funny thing is. IF you aren't a groupie cool. Let them be them. Stop looking bitter and complaining that this is the reason why you can't find no damn man. Nah, There are more women on earth than men. Thats why you cannot find a man. Lick some pussy and move on. Men stop saying groupies this and groupies that. You still pay them to fuck and hang around and make appear to seem somewhat relevant. Your wife is a groupie. And she will have half of your monnay I don't care if you met her at 1st catherdal meddlepole baptist. Its a recession. Teachers dance at stripclubs and moms slang dope. Blame your government.
  • Online Personality Funny thing about me is. You can literally ask someone how long has this girl acted fucking nutty. And they will say..Forever. Some of you get behind this screen and create balls that exist only in the mind of another mans penis.I have had some random folks that supposed to be somebodies get in my DM box, and act a dry durex fool.  And some of your ladies do the same. Your child is sitting right next to your punk ass with a stapler while you tinychat your titties. Or now you blawggin and famous. But I know that you still be beggin for napkins and achooing on babywipes. Don't get it, then leave it alone.
Morality Lesson.

ho sit down. - maceo. 
and remain seated until someone ushers you onto a better life. You making yourself look well...normal..EMBRACE normal. cause thats what you are. STOP reaching to be great. when your just....