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Black vs Skin vs Reality = Distortion

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BlackWhiteGreenPurple. The race thing is really out of hand. Its sad that people really are going out their way to say 'I'm bi-racial, I don't want to be indentified with being black?!?' But that is a portion of your race. That is fine to want to be noticed for being biracial, I suppose. When your mom's and pops were fucking to make you I am sure they weren't like...'Oh I would love and old mexican n black baby!' Its really redundant.

I would blame a lot of different people for these 'image misconceptions' I know I may be considered 'Light Skin' But to most of the white people I grew up around. I was still being called a nigger. My 'light skin' didn't save me from being called a nigger or being made fun of because of my skintone. When I got around black kids they teased me even worse than the white folks. OH she think she cute cause she was mixed. I really never cared about my skin tone because my family never made it an issue. But being a child you process things. I think I thought everyone made a big deal outta something that didn't matter cause I have white aunt's cousins, etc.

Frankly. At 8 you could kiss my ass and miss with that light skin shit, i had barbies to play with and pranks to pull.

It hurt my feelings that people cared so much about things like this. but in time you just start to see that people's perception of beauty, what beauty should be is completely entirely distorted. People are reaching for shit that barely matters.

If you really are a 'disowning' your race. Your are disrespecting everyone that has struggled to get you to the point where you are now in life. Your ancestors and role models have paved the way. It shows sheer ignorance for you running around worrying about being 'mixed' when you go to job interviews them white people don't see you as being mixed. YOUR black. no matter how many combinations you put together. White people consider every person with hue. and a partial nap.Black. true story. There are way too many issues out here to be worried about than PUTTING BLEACH ON YOUR DAMN KIDS TO GET THEM LIGHTER.

now really, being a beautiful brown shade bothers you?! to the point where you would die to be LIGHTER? You can have my damn skin tone and see AIN'T A GOT DAMN THING GONNA CHANGE! who cares! Teach your kids how to be strong black men, how to survive REAL obstacles that they are going to face. Instead of drenching them down in man made chemicals. THE fuck is wrong with america? I don't want to be apart of this bullshit. You mean to tell me that shades of skin is more important than our lazy celebrity president not doing a damn thing but photo ops and twittering for innanet health care. I don't get jiggy with this shit. I don't appreciate my dollars going to any taxes until this fucked up economy is fixed.

And all these dumb ass rappers don't help women feel security or make them feel beautiful when they running to the first off brand 'so called exotic ho' they see with ass shots! Videos are filled with all kinds of wavy haired broads. Cast some different shades already. I am tired of all these kim kardashians, rosa acosta's, and whatever the fuck martian planet hos they be finding. show variety.

I don't give a fuck about you people or this wack shit you stand for. Get some orginality about yourself. Stop letting america dictate your happiness.

various love

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The moments have melted away
Time has slipped from the fingertips of him

Questions of infidelity have crossed our minds

Still we push into each other's sanctions
Whispering these wrongs are not making it right
Too deep inside to look back
Sweat interrupting every second thoughts
Now that he has left me in doubt

Of all the things I have done

Weary and torn another night
Telling my soul it will be warm tomorrow

High off the wanting to be wanted
Known the deceit behind those eyes

Telling me sweet lies

jesus no.

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please tell me they aint doing this still.....