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Blows Dust Off Blog.

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It's been a few years since I sat down and got some shit off my chest. Maybe if I kept my blog open I would have stayed in my relationship, or had a outlet to get my thoughts in order when he kept shaving into the sink and jacking off above my forehead when I was asleep. Who knows really. No one. Just pure speculation. None the less. The world gets thrown at you faster than you will ever be given the true opportunity to really digest. It's like eating food with people who only eat what is 'normal' food. Oh girl bye. I don't have time to sit around and eat wings and pizza with you. Try some mimolette and get the entire hell on.

Here are some updates:
I been dieting for 2 years. Nothing has happened except I lost then regained.
I was in a relationship for a year and we still like to bump and grind on occasions.
I do not want kids ever in my life. Don't ask me why. Don't tell me about some legacy I will have to carry on. There are enough bitches in the sphere that wanna be moms. Not me tho.
I am a Computer Science Major and I cannot stand these people and their student loan bullshit.
I still love wigs.
I love Merlot

and that's all for now.