Uh...Kinda Sideways.

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They love trivial stories about the girl with the Big Mac.

I am a little pissed about straying outside my box to finally get up the courage to eat carbs and order my fat ass a pizza. And they fucked up the mood with putting fucking spaghettio sauce on that joint. My first reaction was to go back and bust the windows out the pizza joint. Or smack the negro who recommended anything outside of Papa Johns should be considered on the hitlist. Virgina could possibly be the most boring fucking place I have ever been in my whole life. The speed limit is 35 for the whole city. Even on the freeway, I guess it gives you alot of time to think....? My lady is flying to Los Angeles I hope she has fun, so she can come back and suck the corn residue off my big toes. I have waited LONG enough. I really have nothing of interest to talk about. Just making my first post. Ciaos.

Oh yeah. I have 3 mosquito bites.

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