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"if the shoe fits....force it?"

Ah the creatures of the earth we call men. To no avail we will sit and stare at the phone with bewitched nose twitching waiting for it to ring. For the longest time men were the furthest thing from my mind, I know how I got to this point. But going in I really did not know why IT is so hard to maintain a relationship with a man. I had no idea what I was signing up for when I decided to date men. I felt as if my so called ‘girlfriend’ would throw infidelity out the window as fast as the ‘typical’ man would. Then why just date women? Why not date them all, avoid being exclusive, and call it day. Sounds great? Right? No one wants to be in a relationship but no one wants to be a alone. The ultimate catch 22 in my eyes. So what would be a solution to a seemingly easy problem? I say be single. But for some reason. The economy sucks so I cannot be single without having to pay someone’s cell phone bill. Yes, I am such a good Samaritan for that FUCK Shit. The crazy thing about what I am going threw right now is I knew I loved this person as soon as I laid my eyes on them. That ultimately sounds like some 1986 crap. But in all it happened. So what do we do now, that we have to pay these bills and get this recession shit out of people [s] vocabulary?

chile boo.

chile please.

chile stop.

I don't know why the word 'chile' amuses the fuck outta my simple ass. But it does.

I went to the club I don't know why I keep putting myself thru the moving cymbalta commercials but...They got the worst niggers running the club. AFRICANS? yes, epic fail. He told a stripper I broke a 100 dollar bill and he told some musty twat hoe to give me a dance. Then...Some other mudduck said " Yall look alike cause you both got curly hair and glasses" [blank stare]

I never wanted someone off my lap so bad. I know my jeans need to be washed with monistat 7.

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