The Master Cleanse: The Decision

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I have went over this a million times in my head, in my plans. Everyone has mixed feelings about it but ultimately its up to you and the decision you choose. I was introduced to it a few years ago when I was younger. I remember thinking "This shit is nuts." No eating? We are going to die. This past winter I did it for about 15 days. I can honestly say I felt so many emotions, my mind was clearer, I felt better, I was able to rid my cold w/in a day or two and i usually stay sick for up to a week. I was ecstatic to lose those pounds too!

My relationship with food is ruining my progression with the cleanse. I have become so dependant on eating my feelings i cannot even start or finish the cleanse like I have conquered before. How does mind over matter work? Because that all it at the end of the day. I always aim for 40 days. It seems rather easy. How to I schedule things to work?


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