Friend, Foe, and Folktales

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Honestly, in this point in my life. I am can say I am transitioning into real adulthood. It takes alot of bullshit to get you to the point where you are like. Damn, shit is changing. Fast. If you choose to take the high road and start really living. Doesn't make sense? Let me explain. You can be alive and not living life due to many reasons. Family, friends, your job, your student loans, your depression, your pain. There can be a million reasons or excuses you can use to prevent you from living life. The real horror is that we refuse to acknowledge the smallest things that really MAKE life worth living.

I feel like I have spent more time lying to myself, and running from the solutions instead of creating a new movement. I think alot of time we discouraged by the things that we are scared to take on. And alot of time you don't realize the negative entities that are keeping you complacent. I think I should stop here.


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