Lesson Learned

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As time progresses I always look back into myself and pinpoint the things I need to change. I think when we get older sometimes we get reluctant to change our schedule. What's in place is there for a reason?! Not always. There are so many things I need to focus on about ME. I often find myself stuck in-be-twinst procrastination and other shit. Both have been enemies that been sticking around it's like you are sitting alone fighting yourself. I just wanted to always be myself and express who I am but even words and actions and can be misunderstood....How do I grow?

I don't need you to tell me what YOU feel you know.
I will fight always.
I don't need validation or a crowd.
I am a sinner but my intent is always good.

Letting go is easy to do when you TRULY know that the crowd never been with you but LAUGHING their asses off at you.


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