Hear Me Out Doe.

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But wait.
I am like practically the easiest person to get along with. Unless. I just DO NOT fancy your ass.  I think that you should always have a respect for the person around you. Even if you think that person is a simp. For example, I always say please and thank you its just shit you should do. Even if someone is being blander than white folks cooking, still show that respect. It could potentially change the whole direction of that persons day and you not even know it.

As of late, thanks to my Auntie. I think my patience level has been extended my methods have changed cause of being around small kids I think I like them more than some of you adults. Cause their is no reason for your ancient ass to be rude, disrespectful this world don't owe you shit. Promise you that. If you are that upset about life FIX IT. You don't know who else was dealt a shitty hand and more than likely they are still smiling even if they are  crying in the inside. The makings of a person is complex and I get that, like word. But the outward actions, presentations will decide how you are treated so always remember that. If your acting shitty, someone will shit on your porch nigga, so yeah. That's all really.

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