Maury: An Inside Look On Blatant Bullshit

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Sigh. Its been a long time since I been over here. 'I ain't gonna lie' I really like tumblr better. But that's neither here nor there. But I guess I still have some sort of commitment to blogger. Ill buy a domain name one damn day. I promise.

Okay, so. Why are we still watching Maury? For the same reason we INEXPLICABLY, still find a way to be entertained by Meer Kat. I don't reference her by name anymore. Sue Me. She is anonymous. Anywoot, We already know its a trainwreck, but I guess trainwrecks are interesting to watch?! Don't Judge Me. I just added that cause i needed something else to say. So I just got some solutions. And some Screencaps, holla at young thug.

I am tired. Of people being named ignant shit like Tajuana. But its none of my business my name is Pam which isn't more more desirable. When I was 16, I was scared to even so much remotely do anything to piss my aunt off, and too scared to be in a gang. When children do things like this. 8 of 10 its because lack of attention. Stay on your kids. Be strict, but understanding. They will be okay, and when in doubt knock they monkey ass out.
Clearly, he ain't the motherfucking father. Why do you do this? For a free trip and hotel stay, cause, this right here is pure bullshit. Further more. WHAT.
Clearly, the damn captions write themselves. When you draw on MircoBrows, expect to be cheated on. Cause this means. Your walking around the house looking like Montel Williams all the damn time, he doesn't have eyebrows right? Furthermore, your main will look somewhere else if you start to look like a mexican Snooki. justsayindoe.

 I never knew you had to have a spiritual aura to be the father of child. You look and sound like a real coon.
Marisol. Makes ME cringe. This is proof that true sloots come in all shapes n sizes. 16 men brought the show. Are you serious? What does your vagina have to say about this? I really highly doubt that one person can have that much unprotected sex. I guess where your from, they don't give out free condoms? I would only pray that Miss Marisol is taking care of her children. And the grow up to never, ever find out about the Maury show.
The Maury Show is a insult to our intelligence, but none the less. Its still tragic but yet ole fashioned tv.

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