Stay In Your Lane.

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Did you know? I'm NOT the one want to debate with?

Here we go. I am truly annoyed by people in every way. I am about to start kicking it with martians n shit. I cannot stand when PEOPLE think they are VALID enough to tell you, about you NIGGA you don't even know me. HOW you think you know me, CAUSE we have talked on the phone? Oh so now you the master of my entire mind. BEAT IT.

I hate this shit. NOTHING irkes my nerves more than people forming an opinion about you and DON'T even know you. I at least take time to dislike you for a reason. SHIT is redundant. I have opinions, I have a mind, I SAY WHAT the fuck I want. If you don't like that I am sorry. I am no longer pacifying babies or bitches. YOU need to conquer your own attitude and MOVE on. People kill me telling you what to do with YOURSELF. NIGGA i belong to me!

I will KEEP doing the best THING for me! CAUSE im me. WORRY about you. That is what keeps motherfuckers in the same position for years! IF YOU aint gonna follow the hustle. Learn what makes the person successful STFU talking shit then. I have the higher and upper power cause of my richness of mind! AND you are just a dumb fuck NOW how can you change that??

Get like me. and STFU until then.


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