Girl, STOP.

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Let's start this shit off by knowing my facial expression...

Girls. Girls. I cannot call YOU women when you clearly act like kids. So it is what it ISith. See there is a fine line between WOMEN and GIRLS. And Please dont mistake me for either. I AM A FUCKING BEAST, google beastyassmoondust. I am so over the fact that everyone is being terribly cliche! and MOST of all PREDICTABLE. i SEE you feathers flocking and sucking designer dicks and contracting LABEL stds. Everyone of you want to be a writer now? GFOH -> Your just stealing vintage thoughts I and a few others thought in 2007. Read my MYSPACE. Thin ideas, get SAT on. There is not an ounce originality in nothing you Minajs, Boyhymed, Loubie Feeted' STILL FAKE BAG wearing heffas are doing. Very Unassuming. These lovely girls, will be the final result for any of my 2009 issues. You will be the girl I use as my coaster cup. To place my purple DRANK. When will you start chasing the real dream? YOUR life. I wish girls, would stop IMITATING women. This life i lead, is a grown woman's life. Shit it might have flaws. I can admit that. Anything that perceived TO be perfect is something I never care to meet.

With this being said. Leave WOMEN out of your issues.
Making it hard, cause EVERY negro expects us to BE basic like you.


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