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Old blog. October 4th, 2007.
The points are still relevant.

Every Little Step I Take.....

she will be there.?

Last night I came across a hip hop blog while downloading music. I started to check her little site out and became intrigued by all this nonsense.What the fuck is the world coming to. Don't answer that yet.I have kinda be researching 'Superhead' and have come to see. That we can blame people in society for us looking like baffoons. So for this thank you very much 'cum guzzler'.
I have a hate/love realtionship with this whole situation so there is are a series of questions i have for my readers which i will address at the end of this blog.

me being a reader of the first book.

It left me with mixed feelings about her. Now after seeing her site and reading blogs, and listening to these radio interviews you see a person who has not changed not ONE bit. And it's fine if you haven't changed just admit to that. and KEEP it real. She is just repeating the cycle, I don't see any growth or progression. From being the black female extortionist of the USA. She says's things like "that these people were nobodies?" NOW if that were really true. She would not have became a best seller right. She would have been a whore writing a book about being a whore.
Detroit Interview they spoke on my thoughts exactly. And further more sucking a dick is not excuse for your son. In many interviews she brings him up. She would really stop using him as an excuse for the things, you could have prevented. Whatever you do, do. Be 100% not 85% cause it's starting to look like history repeating itself? Doesn't It. So that means. YOU not setting an single example. for anyone not even your self.It is quite disturbing. Because she really is beautiful woman and I can agree with different aspects of the things she says but there is a very fine line. I cannot stand behind being real part that seems to be keep being thrown out there. I do indeed commend her for getting paid for her slut exploits.

good shit. So my point is for the 2008 will there be other cocksuckers willing to write books about fucking celebs go for it.! Gossip always sells itself. So i guess she will always be ahead right? Or a bestseller i should say in plain terms.

this weave is horrendous. _________.insert your comments there.
then she has a totally different outcome on life when she is on the Oprah show versus her rants on the Foxxhole with my father Jamie Foxx.
Interview with Jamie Foxx. I sat and listened to the whole hour and 30 mins of it just because I listen before I make comments. My mother has had went threw tuns of shit. I spent my whole life on welfare and taking care of my own mother when she should have been taking care of me. But I'll be damned if and when I get a child I will use the reason for the things I do, because of them. Sure sometimes there is a right to say I wouldn't be working this hard, or I wouldn't make these sacrifices if it were not for my child, but for it to be the story of your life and you repeat the EXACT pattern two years later. Shows me that you are, your own personal con artist. You trying convince yourself of these things.
I do commend her for certain things she has said as far as you are going to receive more as a woman if you have your shit together men with money feel more inclined to a woman who has her life together that whole fiasco because I see it first hand because of my dancing experiences. BUT the contradictions lie so damn deep that it makes you wonder how one can even be so setforth with the things that they say. There is just no substance to cars and clothes that mental can lock hold on.

so can someone sign me up for the free money goodies bag. I want to talk a bunch of shit and get paid for it. Seems like the profession of choice for me. I am a good shit talker. Anywhoo. My main point for this whole blog will be this. There are a number of reasons of why this woman is liked or disliked. I do not agree with some or her standpoints or views. Or the fact she likes to say 'faggot'. But I ultimately see the bigger picture. Many women in the adult industry being from models,dancers, etc.. she says alot about how this and that and this. She capitalized on using her pussy to gain fame and a name. Is that so wrong? Or the fact that she is the biggest walking contradiction is what is wrong... I have been thru many of the same things as far as growing up fatherless, being raped and living the dancer lifestyle. I get SO tired of people using there excuses to shield from the bigger picture. So no one can see.I cannot relate to fucking celebs or fucking for money. But i have realized in the past that I have tried to fuck away my pain. Tried to fuck away my loneliness.. And there is something wrong with that, but it would ultimately be up to me to change that. I think lots of young black women use sex to suppress many things. But don't our black men do the same thing. Us as a people in general if you would want to get technical. But it's most definitely not something to make a career out of or even be boisterous about. It's about do we change this and teach our daughters, sisters, friends, to be powerful women by knowing the lessons of life. Or do we let AIDS and chlamydia corrupt women til we are here no further. Stop buying this bitches books and feeding into her vagina scandals. She is an embarrassment to women everywhere. She says smart things, that she has learned from some OG stripper. period.You are not a role model. You are lost soul.

be safe wayne. we need to keep them platinum records coming.....

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