Fck Artificial Shit.

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Email seems to sum it up, I'll re-say it.


U act as if you think Im not gunna make this right. Or that Im not saying that I fucked up. I said all of this as soon as you found out. u didnt even give me a chance to explain what happened. You just flipped out and choked me!i HAVE BEEN TRYING MY BEST to live up to every promise I have made to you. And all in the process Im trying to work on the way I treat people. Im really hurt that u didnt give me a chance to say anything. Im stressed, youre stressed.. and the alcohol only made it worse. U STILL dont know what happened. And yes, I did hit her ass.. maybe just not soon enough. It was a very dumb move, and u act like u losing keys doesnt effect me. I thought we were in this together, and truthfully, i must admit I should have punched her as soon as she jumped in the car. I promise I didnt want to hit you, it was a natural reaction.. u wouldve done the same thing. I would have NEVER put my hands on you, if the roles were switched. EVER. I would NEVER hit you. well, at least not first. I understand that maybe my words are just as harsh as a fist, at times... U dont think I love you? U dont think I keep you in mind with everything I do? You dont think I would leave you hanging do you? I havent. I may fuck up, but I never LEAVE U OUT TO DRY. I speak the best things about you, Kevin and everyone else who knows me knows how I feel about my Pam :-). Ill still give u the money to straighten this situation out.pam


Excuses. Thats all they are. You should have had your ass in the club dancing. Instead of outside trying to be seen and heard. You want everyone to pay attention and see you. Sit down and be quiet sometimes you might learn something. I have tried and tried to keep destroying my own self for the sake of a friendship that doesnt exist to you. So what you talk about me, you love me? You love yourself. Clearly. I would NEVER ever do anything like this to you. You fucked me over a thousand times and all their is is excuses. Its time to take responsiblity you call yourself rushing me and this that and the other. And you still ain't making no fucking progression from twenty mins ago. Do you get it?

Regardless of what your talking about right at this moment. You being the passenger damn near co-pilot of this car. It is your personal responsibility to go hard. I am not believing you can give me a bloody nose and you cannot do nothing to this chick. Give me a break. I am sick and tired. All this negativity all this drama. I rather be broke and homeless. Than setting myself dealing with someone who has all these things going on mentally. I get mad, I get sad who doesn't. You flip out all the time about the dumbest things. I never ever ever want to speak to you again in life. I do not want a single thing to do with. I do not care about where you go what you do nothing. Get yourself together. Don't think about me. Don't worry about me, NOTHING pertaining to me. Keep the money. I just want you away from me? Don't apologize I don't want emails from you. I do not care about what your going thru. NOTHING. You put your wellbeing and mine at risk. I ASKED you if you were okay to drive. You lost my keys to a car that is not registered to me. Do you have any idea what that means? You made me look like a fool 5 times now. Do not sit and act like I have never done anything, I consistently stay by your side and you repay me with this. You are a mean hateful person. That is why bad things keep happening to you. Like I said in my blog. IF someone does something to jasmine you want to hurt the closet person to you. So I can feel the same hurt. Toxic. I can live the rest of my life never having a single thought about you from this point on. Your personality is no longer the same. You changed. I am moving on.

with that being said....

Let's break this shit down to a science. I want people to really understand my point of view. I can be a idiot. I have made not so smart decisions. I will learn and move on there has to be something bigger waiting right? I been quiet all my life but outgoing at the same time. Its worked in my favor to a degree. I really don't think at points in life everyone is meant to hangout socialize whatever yall call that shit. If God made us all friends, there would be no hell to be raised. I am totally never and you won't catch this bitch being fake. It is something I don't have energy for. It takes too much effort. Alot of people have split personalites and portray a picture that is more of a mirage.

I get tired of people DOING me dirty and thinking that justice is served. I didn't wrong you, you wronged me. Since we are going to be messy, I will air everything out. We can be grown women can't we Keita or Jasmine whoever the fuck you claim you are. See I have many different names and i have seen and done many different things, that still at the end of the day makes me Pam. I am not in the business of pretending and putting on a show for a bunch of motherfuckers who wouldn't give two fucks about me tomorrow.

I have real genuine friends and they have me. They know I will always be there for them no matter what. That is the type of person I am. I blame myself for keeping toxic negative energy in my space. When I was wronged by you the 1st 34 times I should have closed the chapter. I kept hoping for the sweet person I knew at some point and time. But for what reason? In life you going to meet people who are just no good.

People who have nothing better to do than be evil and pessimistic and petty. I never once ONCE did anything to your ass to deserve the fucked up shit you say and do. If you got an issue with me still handle the shit. Don't go talking shit to whomever. I am right here. I was down the hall two doors down from you last week. I am sure you knew that too right? You wish i was still around to be the 'fall guy or the butt of your jokes' Sorry GOD, keeps blessing me with better things to do than negativity. I am not going to keep letting you get the satisfaction you are not my friend, but I am not going to dog you out to others cause you show your true colors everytime you say some negative shit about me! Dig your own grave. Build your own house don't worry about me! I am fine! You know that I am sure. I am pretty sure you are following me still even tho i blocked you.

I was dumb as fuck to keep trying to be a friend and love someone who doesn't even love themselves. So yes, I can take responsiblity for keeping a dead ass monkey on my back. So to you, have a wonderful and successful career at whatever you choose, I simply don't want anything to do with you.

That is a personal decision, yes you lost a person who loved you dearly at one point and time, and DID whatever she could, but nah homegirl I am good on you PERIOD. We had a good run, its over. Now with that said. Duece Bigalow.


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