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You got a big ego
Funny thing is. Everyone seems to be full of shit these days. I mean. I wish I could carry around fiber laxative to shove in these morons face, some people need a full fledged cleanse. Seriously. I mean. I am a naturally outgoing, goofy person. Its a part of who I am. I must definitely don't mark that as a 'defining' moment in history. But in all there might just be some people you meet in life and you say 'That is just a cool ass person' or 'She just lies a lot, that is who she is.' Good or bad. Characteristics never change to say the least. I do the best the day allows me to do. I cannot make things happen my way. I cannot change things I have done beforehand. But I can be the person to make up the i was a jerk or a asshole etc. I find it quite narcissistic that everyone has these BIG ole egos and persona's. That belong to someone else. I mean sometimes you have to take yourself out of a situation, out of a mindframe to put yourself in a certain position. Completely becoming irrelevant to yourself....Might not be the answer nor the solution to your problem. Your still a asshole. And she is still a cunt. You see my point? Songs and media and society has all the wrong people thinking that the ladder they are trying to acclaim is obtainable by doing this or doing that. To me that is just an outlet. A scapegoat if you will. The grim reality is. You are just you. Why all the extra toppings, melted drama. Life is one thing for certian not a movie. No one is going to press pause. ''

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