Please Be Quiet.

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Can I have my wig?

I know the reason why Asians never hire black heffas @ hairstores.cause they aint shit. Today Auntie Keyona Kutthroat Jackson. Was cutting the fuck up in the hair store. She was telling bitches to get out. This was a broke ho free zone. I had this face...
i was kinda scared to say something cause she was hood as hell. She was loud. You could tell her what you wanted. Cause she was telling you what YOU need to get. Serious note: This job should be given to unemployed nice person who wants to be there. Cause I aint ever heard of the rules she was making up. I been wearing wigs since I was 2 years old.

chilllllllle boo.
giiiiiiiiiiiiirl lay.


I was offended and she backhanded KeitaEden and forced a wig on her ass. Told her to get the fuck on.


is the only thing I can say. Unless I reenact this YouTube.

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